Build a SaaS Growth Machine

You’re looking to onboard more users to continue growing. Your ideal customer profiles are the perfect place to start. 

Rely on us to help you create assets that support decision-making when your customers are choosing which software solution to go with. 

Answer their questions, solve their challenges and support their success and you will rise above your competition, leading to more leads and more conversions.

Work with us to find your sweet spot, answering users’ search intent and, on the side, promote your brand values to gain signups. 

Whether through blogs, case studies, white papers, or eBooks, we aim to have potential buyers to have a piece of what you’ve got.

We are Quite Proud of this SaaS Work

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Words about our Words

Come join our roster of happy clients!

Sam Blackie Headshot
Sam Blackie former Digital Marketing Manager, PitchMe.

Takooba wrote a number of blogs for PitchMe, furthering the skill-based talent platform's content marketing strategy. They quickly understood the brief and delivered quality content on time and were a pleasure to work with.

Damiaan van Zanen Headshot
Damiaan van Zanen EMEA Regional Manager, Total Synergy

Takooba took our brief away and after talking to two customers, gave us great stories that we’ve since used on various campaigns across a range of media.

Benjamin Groessing Headshot
Benjamin Groessing Co-founder CEO, Kaleido (now a Canva company)

Takooba creates recent blog posts, booklets and other marketing materials in English and knows how to put complex tech stuff in simple words.

Ellis Woodman Headshot
Ellis Woodman former editor, Building Design magazine, now director of Architecture Foundation

Highly recommended. Beautiful writing and a pleasure to work with.

Emily Maguire Headshot
Emily Maguire Digital Platform Manager, Kingspan

Takooba create great thought leadership pieces for Kingspan over a number of months.

Tom Chambers Co-Founder, Random Quark

We struggled to find the right way to get across our way of working as a fun, experimental studio. Takooba helped us crystallise and express our identity as a company and attract more clients."

Amy Grimshaw Former Head of PR and Comms, Founders Factory

Michael is an awesome copywriter and one of my most trusted writers.