Our Services 

In the beginning was the WORD. 


There is no doubt Takooba can write. But, let's be honest, decent writers - even good ones -are two a penny.


The Takooba difference is understanding how to use content to make you truly useful to your customers and clients. 


We can help you out at any stage of the content and copy-creation process - the tasting menu or just a hearty main course.


If you need, we will take you through basic marketing persona creation and track buyers' journey through the sales funnel.


We will help develop your messages for those audiences.


We can develop a website off the back of that, somewhere your clients will feel welcome straight away. 


Keyword research and SEO are next, working out the stuff people need to see to have their problems solved - and put their trust in you. 


Some of it might come from you or your colleagues. Ghostwriting is a particular specialism. 

When they are ready to buy, your case studies should help them make the right choice - you!


Or, we can develop materials to wow investors because we understand how to turn complex tech ideas into simple-to-undestand, useful writing which sells your benefits to the market. 


Our real hope is that our enthusiasm and excitement make it through Michael's fingers onto this site - and that you get in touch as a result!


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