The Takooba Method


1) Know thy market!

First, we make sure we know who your customers or clients are and get to know all about their concerns and delights are so we can create three to five buying personas. 


2) Let's go on a journey

Empathy and experience-mapping is the surest way of getting inside your potential buyers' heads - quite literally! We help you work out what they see and hear,  how they think, and how they go about their day as they try to solve business challenges and reach goals. And then we want to figure out how they make it from solution-hungry prospect to your reliable customer. 


3) Getting to them

This is where the creativity comes in. Whether sales collateral or content, it's important that we target people where they are and in a manner they are comfortable with. It could be your website, project write-ups or a brochure. But maybe they have questions about their business practices you have the answers to. Whatever the requirement, Takooba will help you be there for them. 

4) Expressing it with love 

Takooba writes to interest, excite and inform. We don't waste time. We make points efficiently, pungently - sometimes even a bit surprisingly - and with enough humour to hook potential buyers to the last. It's a result of years of experience. And our customers are enthusiastic

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