Let me inspire desire in your technology.


I want to make sure people crave a piece of what you’ve got.


We’ll focus on how awesomely fantastic, how achingly cool your product is.


Just tell me exactly how you are making lives easier, better, smoother.


Fill me in on what you’re doing to make the future better than the past.


My technology clients always keep me optimistic.


They are sweeping away needless bureaucracy with the Blockchain like my client Acre, rebuilding the UK’s £1.4 trillion mortgage market from the ground up.


They’re bringing magical experiences into daily life like my creative technology client Random Quark.


They’re setting digital twins to bridge the physical and the virtual world as Kingspan is.


They could be launching the latest startups like reining Europa Hottest Accelerator, Founders Factory. Or turning the restaurant world on its head with robots such as Karakuri. Democratising financial advice with AI like Fountain Money.


I want to know what you are up to so I can tell the world about it in the ways that entice, delight and ignite excitement.


If that sounds like something you could use, drop me an email to arrange a chat or read some more of my writing.

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