Do your customers know how useful you are? 

Show them exactly what you can do with a great marketing and content strategy from Takooba.


That's the best way to show current and potential customers and clients you know what they want. 


Let's face it, they may not always know themselves. 


Sometimes all they've got is a lot of worrying questions. 


The good news is, with accurate research, imagination and creativity, you can put yourselves in their shoes and walk them to where they want to go. 


That's what great copywriting can provide: The answers customers need to encourage them to buy from or close a deal with you. 


We create collateral or content using insights from your customer interactions - or guides you through our process. 


We work out who is buying where they are going for information and when and what they want to find out when they get there. 


The result is brochures, websites and product sheets that demonstrate exactly how your products and services save customers like them time and money. 

And we can create reliable content plans to craft and distribute must-read information to entertain and educate. 


The magic happens when we serve the right content to the accurate buying personas at the correct touchpoints along their journey. 


Because an informed buyer will reward you with its business and loyalty. 


Find out how Takooba's 15 years of writing and marketing experience will help you show up for your customers. 



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