Your B2B Tech, Construction, Engineering Buyers Crave Insightful Content That Solves Their Grimiest Problems. Are You Delivering?

Stop losing construction, architecture, B2B tech, or engineering leads and sales to competitors because of your lacklustre content. When we work together, your clear, authoritative content will easily show why your brand’s the best while securing more lucrative leads and successful sales.

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In the gloom of technical jargon and fluffy marketing speak, with the right content marketing efforts, you surely shine as a trusted advisor to your ideal target audience.

Content and copywriting that showcases your expertise and makes your value proposition crystal clear. Result? You build relationships, generate leads, drive sales—and delight your boss.

You know what pushes your best buyers away: 

  • Generic content that fails to help your audience solve problems now while driving leads to competitors
  • Jargon-filled technical content that impresses no one, but confuses them to no end
  • Inaccurate content that leeches brand trust with fact-check fails and shotty research 

20 Years of Content and Journalism Experience Fuelling Your Growth.

Through our partnership on your B2B content in construction, architecture, engineering, B2B tech (Saas, HRTech, ConstructionTech), you’ll benefit from everything I’ve practised since before Facebook launched.

  • Journo’s Eye: I dissect complex information and present it in ways that resonate with high-quality research, quotes, and storytelling that captures an audience…and sales
  • Industry Insider: My two decades in tech, engineering, and construction shows in each carefully crafted piece of relevant and insightful content. I know the pitfalls and mistakes as well as the tips and resources that help these niches most. 
  • Brand Strategist: I craft a content plan that drives leads and sales while building unshakeable brand awareness, authority, and conversion.

My 3-Step Process Takes the Guesswork Out of Great Content

Consultation: We'll discuss your current content landscape, pain points, and goals to work out exactly how content is working for you and how we can make it even more effective. 

Needs Analysis: By assessing your existing content, target audience, and competitors, we’ll quickly identify areas for improvement that’ll give you the biggest metric moves.

Content Roadmap: Through a content and competitor analysis plus research into your ideal target audience, we’ll develop a specific content strategy to guide each piece of content down the path of likes, shares, clicks, downloads, subscribers, leads, and sales.

Deep Research: We’ll select an area for exploration and the subject matter experts I should talk to. I’ll back up everything with external sources and stats where helpful. 

Compelling Narrative: Following your style guide, we can create engaging, SEO-friendly content tailored to your brand voice and value proposition.

Clear Communication: You’ll never have to guess what I’m working on, when you’ll get it, or the quality of my work. Throughout the project process, we’ll stay in alignment through transparent communication.

Iterative Optimization: With two rounds of feedback and revisions included, we fine-tune each content piece to ensure peak performance in real-world applications, optimising for both engagement and conversion.

Impactful Results: Celebrate content that enhances your visibility, engages your audience, and drives increased leads, sales, and brand loyalty. We’ll have created content that not only informs but also transforms viewer interactions into tangible outcomes.

Proven Success: Once content is finalised, it's ready to launch and positioned to succeed. Real success comes from the results you achieve—expect improved metrics, heightened engagement, and a clear return on investment.


Win confidence when you show you understand customers' challenges – and know how to fix them.


Cut through the noise with great writing indistinguishable from their favorite industry publication.


Maximize your content strategy with properly SEO-ed blogs, online articles and case studies.


Keep feeding the beast with unique, high quality, shareble content and boost your site's ranking.

Words about our Words

Come join our list of happy clients!

Sam Blackie Headshot
Sam Blackie former Digital Marketing Manager, PitchMe.

Takooba wrote a number of blogs for PitchMe, furthering the skill-based talent platform's content marketing strategy. They quickly understood the brief and delivered quality content on time and were a pleasure to work with.

Damiaan van Zanen Headshot
Damiaan van Zanen EMEA Regional Manager, Total Synergy

Takooba took our brief away and after talking to two customers, gave us great stories that we’ve since used on various campaigns across a range of media.

Benjamin Groessing Headshot
Benjamin Groessing Co-founder CEO, Kaleido (now a Canva company)

Takooba creates recent blog posts, booklets and other marketing materials in English and knows how to put complex tech stuff in simple words.

Ellis Woodman Headshot
Ellis Woodman former editor, Building Design magazine, now director of Architecture Foundation

Highly recommended. Beautiful writing and a pleasure to work with.

Emily Maguire Headshot
Emily Maguire Digital Platform Manager, Kingspan

Takooba create great thought leadership pieces for Kingspan over a number of months.

Tom Chambers Co-Founder, Random Quark

We struggled to find the right way to get across our way of working as a fun, experimental studio. Takooba helped us crystallise and express our identity as a company and attract more clients."

Amy Grimshaw Former Head of PR and Comms, Founders Factory

Michael is an awesome copywriter and one of my most trusted writers.

Consider Me Your Ideal Content Partner

I'm specialised, experienced and friendly with a laser-focus on quality.