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Happy Endings


So many stories out there!


The life of a case study writer is a happy one. 


What a privilege to hear how my clients sort out problems for their customers


It's often hard to know whether to focus on how they have helped clients save or make money, cut time or boost efficiency. 


Enthusiasm generates enthusiasm and, soon, we get to the heart of what makes a product so damn mindblowing for customers and clients.


When they generate more work of the back of it, we all win!


A great case study is a way of capturing that excitement so it leaps off the pages of your web site, boosting conversions.


What we are doing is telling a true story - with a happy ending, of course.


That narrative drive makes the best case studies shareable in themselves.


In the hands of your salespeople, it’s dangerously effective.


It was a true pleasure to convey how creative technology company, Random Quark, went about creating a marble run to help celebrate the NHS’s 50th birthday.


Showing how Synergy helped their clients save time and money with their end-to-end building consultancy software package was tremendously satisfying.


And I worked with Baselayer to show how their modular data centre solutions helped customers support disaster recovery, support security in cryptocurrency transactions and connect people, devices, and businesses around the world.


Let me reach in and pull out the beating heart of what makes your technology great.

Let's tell some stories!

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