Content Strategy and Creation

Extend the Hand of your Brand

Writing content for my tech clients, I can be of most service to their own clients or customers. And maximise in-bound sales inquires. 


When we work together on content - for sharing, signing up to a newsletter, or entice people to request a callback - we are renewing the brand promise.


If your technology helps simplify a client’s business processes we need to create blogs, videos or other how-to guides that supports just that. Take the “how I use technology” series I created for built environment business and project management software maker, Total Synergy.


If you’ve got a dating app, you want to be supporting your singles in their dating life, telling them what's on in their area or giving them tips on body language.


Sometimes it can be more aspirational than purely practical, as with the future-focused  work I do for building materials supplier, Kingspan.

Properly creating and implementing a content strategy pushes marketeers to think about what drives their customer base and how they can be supported and rallied, driving in-bound sales queries.


Let me take you through the process, from making sure your brand messaging is reflected in content plans through strategising and developing content at every stage of the funnel.

Drop me a line.

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