There are two main types of material you can create to help move potential buyers towards a sale - sales collateral and digital content - and Takooba has a wealth of experience producing both. 


(We also recommend you go through the process of defining your audiencescreating buying avatars through empathy mapping and mapping the likely experience of prospective buyers who could find your product or service beneficial.)


Here is a quick refresher of the differences between the two types and how Takooba maximises the opportunies they give your company.


Sales Collateral 

Brochures, websites, sales sheets and product descriptions need little introduction. They have been the mainstay of outbound marketing for decades. 


With all that familiarity, it's not surprising that writing-to-sell often loses potential customers' interest rather than capturing it.


Buyers are seeking answers to questions you can easily provide - with a bit of thought. They are age-old: Can I trust them? Will it work? Will I save money? Is it priced fairly? Do they even know what they are talking about? 

Can they solve my problems and help me make the best of 


Finally, it's worth pointing out that words on a page or a site need to be even more direct, efficient and warm than those exchanged over coffee. 


Takooba's journalistic background and grasp of customer research and messaging means we are well-placed to add verve and precision to your materials for copy that extends a friendly hand to your prospects. 



Digital Content 


The newer kid on the block, content (mostly online, but sometimes printed) is written to help your potential and current customers along their buying journey. Text, images, videos or podcasts often appear a lot like journalism and serves some of the same purposes - as well as encouraging the sale.


Digital content might:


  • Inform customers of what they need to progress towards a sale, clearing up queries and concerns. 
  • Encourage them. What type of content would motivate your customers to make a sale? Perhaps they need some inspiration
  • Provoke clients. We are not suggesting you insult anyone, but content which encourages your customers to "go the next step" could be just what they need to make a resolution. 


Suffice to say, all collateral and content should be 


  • trustworthy
  • jargon-free
  • efficient
  • delivered in a clear voice relevant to your market. 



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