Your customers are always looking for a better way to do business or live their lives more fully.

Takooba's two-part empathy and experience mapping process
helps you create content and material to support them in their aims and solve their problems leading to increased sales. 


How? Firstly we build upon the audiences you have developed and any marketing research to generate an imaginative worldview of the prospect and customer.

We use team feedback,

and customer surveys and interviews to get inside how would-be buyers think and feel about the challenges and goals they face and aim for day-to-day as well as what they do and see along the way. 

This goes into creating the avatar. And, in a brainstorm session, we then send send it on a journey from stranger-in-need to enthusiastic customer of you business.

We look at the first point of contact, examine current sales processes, and think about the content and collateral he or she needs in order to make a buying decision. 

Other areas of consideration can include the purchasing experience itself, what happens just afterpurchase is made and how and if your company keeps in touch with the person after that point. 

As you can imagine, if carried out rigorously, the empathy and experience mapping processes havefar reaching implications about what, when, how and where you communicate with your potential customers - and you will better know who they are as well! This puts us in poll position to build great content and marketing materials for your company and clients. 

Some companies find that, after doing empathy and experience mapping, they want to make improvements in other areas of their business, including marketing, salesand fulfillment. 

Others have even gone to develop new products on the back of the research. 


Mapping can be enlightening - and profitable!

Now you are ready to create your sales collateral and digital content.



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