Just like any great marketing exercise, creating great collateral and content is all about knowing who your customers are. 

Takooba works with its clients to build on existing research projects or customer profiles in order to finesse marketing personas. 

Just who are the buyer personas you are creating material for? What problems can you solve for them?

Where do they live? Are they married, in a relationship or single? What do they read or watch? 


With this demographic profile in mind, we can then begin to look at the challenges and goals in their roles and how we can help them solve and achieve them. That will give rise to our marketing messaging, including an elevator pitch. 

In creating your personas, Takooba helps you draw upon site analytics, sales and customer service team feedback, and social media research. 

We can also create surveys and interviews to generate information from the customers themselves. 

When you know who you are talking to, you can think about how to use sales collateral and digital content to support them through the buying process.  


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